Neon Orange Pumpkin Fluff Kittycorn Ears

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Our Pumpkin Fluffs are Bright Neon Orange. These fluffy Cat Ears Headband are your must-have accessory for any festi outfit! Get noticed and be ready for lots of compliments with these festive and cute feather kitty ears.

Wear these alone or pair them with our matching Pumpkin Puff Chain Drop Earrings! You can also upgrade your ears with LED lights and party the night away! Great for festivals, birthday parties, clubs, raves, bachelorette parties, and more! Get yours in time for your next event!


- Cat Ears headband made with a black base and decorated with a super soft Bright Neon Orange fluffy marabou feather boa

- See our shop page for more fluff colors available, or send a message if you would like a custom color not listed

- 5" wide headband will stretch to accommodate most people

- Headband base material is metal wrapped in black satin ribbon

- Rubber cushion on both ends of headband for comfortable wear

- Pumpkin Puff Earrings are made with sterling silver plated hooks and drop chain, with a super soft matching Bright Neon Orange colored feather boa

LED headband features:

-LED upgraded Ears include fairy lights that are hand-wrapped around each ear, discretely underneath the fluff! There are 10 mini lights on each ear, making them really glow
- LED battery pack has 1 easy switch to turn on and off
-Batter pack is inside a hand-sewn protective pouch that is attached to the side of the headband discretely located
- Battery included for over 24 continuous hours of use!