Patriotic Puff Kittycorn Earrings and Choker

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Get ready to show off your patriotism this July 4th in our newest fluff addition, our Patriotic Kittycorn Puff Earrings and Choker Set! Accessorize alone or together as a set, these colorful and soft fluffy Red White and Blue choker and earrings will have you strutting your stuff this 4th of July!! Pair With our matching Patriotic Kittycorn Fluff Ears for a fluffing meowgical combo! Purrrfect for July 4th festivities, festivals, 'Merica themed parties, raves, or for adding that extra touch of sparkle to your every day wear!

- Patriotic Puff Earrings are made with sterling silver plated hooks and drop chain, with Red White and Blue soft feather boa
- Patriotic Puff Choker features an 11" black velvet collar with a 4" adjustable chain accommodating most neck sizes
- Patriotic Fluff Kitty Ears made on a metal frame wrapped with black satin ribbon, they are 5" wide with cushions included on each ends for long comfortable wear
- Kitty Ears can also be upgraded to include 3 LED lights behind each ear. Each LED light turns on with an individual switch and has one strobe mode that blinks rapidly from red to blue